Development through external growth

External growth is one of the development strategies favoured by managers who wish to accelerate their company's growth rapidly.


The Grant Thornton study, carried out several years in a row, shows that external growth is one of the strategic priorities of company directors. In any given year, between 30% and 60% of them will consider an external growth operation in the short or medium term.

Contrary to popular belief, external growth concerns all sizes of companies, with nearly 75% of acquisitions made by SMEs with a turnover of less than 4 million euros (source - Fanny Letier).

Faster than organic growth, a build-up strategy is also riskier because it requires a good match between two companies that are necessarily different in terms of culture and fundamentals (size, markets, customers, know-how, etc.).


The financial objective alone is therefore insufficient to justify an external growth operation. 

To optimise its chances of success, an external growth operation must be based on a clear strategy and an entrepreneurial project that focuses on meaning and the creation of long-term value. Whether industrial, commercial and/or organisational, the synergies of activities must be obvious and natural for a business combination so that "1+1=3"..

Positioned solely upstream of an external growth project, CAPESSOR attaches particular importance to the meaning of the project in order to create the right story and define the best core target.