Customer feedback and testimonials

At the end of the project, each client is asked to complete a satisfaction survey enabling clients to tell us what they think and enabling us to continuously improve our services.

"In a short sentence or just a few words, what is your perception of the services offered by CAPESSOR?"

« Good assessment of external growth opportunities and ease of contact, well-calibrated, simple and effective service »

« A well-tried and agile methodology providing very effective support in this very particular and sensitive phase of approaching managers »

« Capessor saved us a lot of time in identifying external growth targets, a real plus for a reasonable budget. We are pleased with this successful collaboration! »

« Efficient service in understanding the problem and fast in the execution phase. »

« Very structured and professional approach enabling relevant targeting with concrete results at the end of the service »

« Very good support, responsiveness and reliability »

« A pragmatic, systematic and rigorous approach, a very attractive service »

« A classic approach that was efficiently carried out in an area that was anything but simple. »

« Good analysis of needs, efficiency and respect of deadlines, a professional company that listens to its client »

« We were very pleasantly surprised by your responsiveness, your punctuality and your professionalism. »

« A great opportunity to step up our contacts with potential acquisition targets. »

« This offer provides a good overview of the market at the time it is made »

« This offer provides us a good overview of the market at the time it is made »

« Very good support, responsiveness and reliability. »

« Targeted, organised, relevant »