Importance of the project

External growth is a great development lever but, like any opportunity, it can also present risks and weaken a company if the project has not been well thought out beforehand.

A meaningful project generates value

Experience shows that a meaningful project creates value so that "1+1=3".

Without minimising the financial challenges, the project must above all take into account the expected synergies in terms of know-how, customer base and/or organisation, for example, in order to define the profile of targets likely to correspond to the external growth project.

Direct Approach

With the CAPESSOR approach, you define your own criteria and choose the companies that interest you the most from a comprehensive panel proposed by CAPESSOR, without knowing in advance if the managers may be interested in your project: this is the very principle of the Direct Approach to the hidden market of business transfers.An interested manager will then necessarily be more open to a project which makes sense and which highlights potential synergies favourable to the development of each company around a common project.