Our story

CAPESSOR was created in 2008 following a first entrepreneurial adventure of its founding leaders in the field of BtoB telephone marketing.

The foundation of the company CAPESSOR

After experiencing external growth , strong internal growth then the sale of their business , these passionate entrepreneurs founded CAPESSOR following several observations observed in the world of business transfer.


On the one hand, executives engaged in an external growth strategy find it difficult to find the ideal targets for companies to acquire.

On the other hand, executives who are selling or interested in a merger are often alone when faced with these confidential and strategic choices (except for the M&A process).

In addition, the various M&A players favor ceding mandates and are more focused on the technical and financial side of an operation with already identified stakeholders.

Thus, the executing and acquiring managers do not always manage to find each other and to make their respective projects coincide when the meaning and synergies to be shared exist.

Specific Methodology and Direct Approach

To respond to this lack of upstream support, during the connection phase of each individual's projects, CAPESSOR has developed a specific methodology for research and a Direct Approach of target companies for managers engaged in a external growth project.

Creation of hyper-targeted databases

Initially focused on its original expertise in approaching managers by telephone to discuss sensitive issues of transmission or strategic merger, CAPESSOR extended its services in 2015 to carrying out in-depth research for the creation of hyper-targeted databases.

CAPESSOR: the main French player in business acquisitions

Today, after 14 years of experience, CAPESSOR is recognised by all M&A players as the main provider of business acquisition opportunities in France on the "hidden" transfer market.

Give meaning to your mission

Beyond its position as an expert, the CAPESSOR team is committed to the meaning of its Mission in the long term. The company is teeming with projects such as the deployment of its activities internationally and the contribution of its skills through the creation of a Foundation intended to preserve the employment of VSEs by facilitating their transfer.