98% of customers "satisfied" or "very satisfied"!

Following our latest Client Satisfaction Survey as at 30 November 2021, we are pleased to note that 98% of clients surveyed stated they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with CAPESSOR's overall services, with 71% of them stating they were "very satisfied".

Customer satisfaction at the heart of our business

Among the 8 items detailed in the survey concerning drawing up the target list, defining the approach, describing the opportunities, the assessment and connecting with managers of the most attractive targets, 89% of managers surveyed declared that they were "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with the opportunities identified and with all the information collected during the CAPESSOR campaign.

Customer feedback

Finally, with regard to general client feedback, here's a sample of some of the comments made:


"Efficient, with very good psychology of approach... in short, a real specialist."

"Structured, professional approach at all levels (methodology, approach, discourse)"

"Very professional support throughout the project: from the first meeting to the connection: Efficient, Professional, Pleasant"

"Listening, responsiveness, meeting deadlines and very good understanding of the client's acquisition project"

"To me, the approach is very professional and the service is ultimately high value for a company looking to grow externally."


"Quality service, it remains essential to define the specifications of the ideal target in order to facilitate the search for opportunities"

"Very professional competence, real listening skills and a remarkable capacity to adapt"

"Suitable, comprehensive, warm"

"An original, controlled and effective approach"

"Professional and dynamic"

"Pragmatic, simple, efficient"

"Service in line with my expectations"

"Commitment, timeliness, efficiency"

"Good methodology"

"Perfect understanding, subtle analysis, good contact: in short, a professional who meets the order in full"

"The service offered is fast, accurate and efficient."

"CAPESSOR provides significant added value in terms of knowledge of the players in a given sector, while enabling an SME to make concrete progress on an external growth process while saving its manager's time."

"Professional, quality image perceived by the targets and originality"

"Good understanding of requirements, conviviality of the exchanges and professionalism. Thanks to the team."


*results from 121 responses concerning projects carried out from March 2016 to November 2021 with the first connections already made