Our expertise

Because of our history, which began over 20 years ago, we have extensive experience in approaching company executives - by phone and by mail - to discuss sensitive topics such as business divestiture.

A simple and authentic approach


Our approach is intended to be simple and authentic by highlighting a Project which has meaning and which generates values ​​thanks to the expected synergies between our principal acquirer and the company concerned, both at the industrial level at the commercial and / or organizational level.

Thus, the majority of leaders in a phase of reflection on their own future and that of their company trust us and tell us about their project or reflection of transfer / reconciliation even though no formal process has been initiated with an M & amp; A professional.

After identifying the projects, we go on to organize the meetings which end our intervention. The leaders supported then take over the discussions with their own advice.


In addition to this historical know-how in approaching managers, we have developed over time a specific expertise in sourcing and data processing to identify companies positioned in niche activities (more than 550 separate data sources used to date: trade fairs, clusters, professional organizations, etc.).

This additional service initially offered in 2015 to save time for our constituents, has become one of the pillars of our services because it opens up the field of possibilities to our constituents looking for new sources of growth.