Tailor-made missions

Each mission is unique and tailor-made because it starts from an external growth strategy and objectives specific to each company and each manager, both in terms of the characteristics of the targets sought as well as in terms of speech and form of the project.

A campaign is prepared in two stages:


After studying the project and understanding the issues and the market, we launch the target list creation phase by exploring several specific data sources in order to identify most of the potential targets. At this stage and because of our experience, we are often able to identify new and undetected growth drivers thanks to our global vision.


While drawing up the target list, we write the personalised and specific stories that will enable us to clearly present the main lines of your project (whether by mail and/or by telephone) by emphasising the meaning and the expected synergies as well as your general state of mind. Thanks to our active listening skills, we foster a climate of trust that is conducive to direct and in-depth exchanges for the most exhaustive explanation possible during our telephone interviews.

Our continuous improvement process

The diversity of our fields and our natural open-mindedness mean that we regularly discover new sources and new ways of doing things resulting in a permanent process of continuous improvement.