CAPESSOR celebrate its 14 years old, THANK YOU to everyone!

A big THANK YOU to all those who have participated directly or indirectly in our great adventure because, thanks to you - client, partner or any manager convinced by our approach and methodology - CAPESSOR has become the leader on its market in France.

1er cabinet français spécialisé dans la recherche et l'Approche Directe

Today, CAPESSOR is positioned as the leading French firm specialising in the buyside search for and Direct Approach for target companies to be bought.

Beyond the figures, we're very happy to participate in the development and economic influence of companies and their managers by bringing together people and companies around projects that make sense.

Our key figures:

  • More than 400 projects for over 300 clients,
  • Clients of all sizes (1/4 with turnover > €50m + 1/4 with turnover between €20 and 50m + 1/4 with turnover between €10 and 20m + 1/4 with a turnover < €10m) and from all sectors (15% construction + 30% industry + 10% trade + 45% services) across France
  • More than 450 acquisition opportunities detected per year: targets of all sizes and in all sectors across France,
  • More than 200 matchmaking events organised every year,
  • More than 60% of projects result in at least one LOI and 30% in closing,
  • More than 50 acquisitions completed with companies identified and approached by CAPESSOR and several dozen more in progress,
  • Nearly 98% of clients are "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with CAPESSOR's services.